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Internship Project


EarlyBird is a game-based assessment that identifies potential reading challenges, including dyslexia, early before they become reading problems. My role involved redesigning the landing page, aiming to boost parental sign-ups for consultations with literacy specialists. I conducted user testing on the original landing page to inform its redesign. Eventually, I created a design that was integrated into HubSpot. After implementation, the bounce rate decreased by 8%, a significant signal that the call-to-action is effectively engaging users.

The Design Process

March - June

Design Challenge

The goal for this project was to increase the number of parents booking consultations with EarlyBird literacy specialists on the landing page site.

User Testing


In order to understand what was working and what needed improvement in the existing landing page design, I  conducted user testing with parents. I used the UserTesting platform to guide users to vocalize their thoughts while they explored the landing page.



Once all the user tests had wrapped up, I began synthesizing the collected information and created  actionable steps for the upcoming re-design. The following action items emerged from this process:

  1. Clarify the evaluation process: Users expressed skepticism and curiosity about the evaluation process. Provide more information about how the assessment works and what the users can expect during the consultation.

    • Users had questions about what to expect during the consultation process. Clearly communicate what the consultation entails, who it will be with, and what users can expect during the consultation to address any uncertainties.

  2. Highlight the product offering: Users mentioned that they were unclear about the product offering. Clearly communicate what the product does, how it can help with reading challenges, and what users can expect after the evaluation process.

  3. Users expressed hesitation about committing to a consultation. Use less intimidating language and provide options that feel less committed, such as "Learn More" or "Get Started" instead of "Book Consultation" to make it more inviting for users to take the next step.

  4. Provide more information about interventions: Users were interested in knowing more about interventions or solutions offered after the evaluation process. Highlight any interventions, tools, or resources that are available to help children improve their reading skills.

  5. Improve data presentation: Users had mixed reactions to the way data and statistics were presented, particularly in percentiles. Consider presenting data in a less alarming or intimidating way, and provide explanations or context to help users interpret the data accurately.

    • Simplify information: Users mentioned that there was a lot of information to take in, particularly towards the bottom of the page.


I began researching the best practices for designing a landing page and created a few mock-ups pictured below. 

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 3.23.12 PM.png

I presented these mock-ups to both my manager and our users, seeking their valuable feedback to continue the re-design process.

Final Design

I created a final design for the landing page and the interactive Figma design can be found here! Below you'll find an image of the final design and feel free to check out the live landing page for EarlyBird.


After the implementation of my design into HubSpot, the bounce rate decreased by 8%, which means that more users were completing the desired call-to-action to book a consultation with a literacy specialist. 

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