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I'm a designer.

 I enjoy designing experiences, brands, logos, and web designs! Below you'll find some of my work.

StoryLab Science

StoryLab Science was designed as a supplementary educational tool that promotes scientific literacy and confidence in learners. StoryLab Science uses question-driven narratives and multiple representations of science to deepen their understanding. Learners communicate their knowledge to a teachable agent in which StoryLab Science provides timely feedback from AI to reinforce correct answers and address misconceptions.

StoryLab Science

Flutter, a versatile tote bag and portable swing, ignites spontaneous fun for college students. Its vibrant design makes setting up a swing on the go easy—less than 5 minutes and you're swinging between classes or during study breaks. Flutter's playful setup encourages creativity! Taking it down is just as quick, under 2 minutes. Seamlessly add excitement to your college routine with Flutter!


EarlyBird is a game-based assessment that identifies potential reading challenges, including dyslexia, early before they become reading problems. My role involved redesigning the landing page, aiming to boost parental sign-ups for consultations with literacy specialists. I conducted user testing on the original landing page to inform its redesign. Eventually, I created a design that was integrated into HubSpot. 


Leveraging Figma's creative toolkit, I crafted designs that seamlessly encapsulated the essence of Lovevery's brand identity. Each design underwent refinement through multiple rounds of feedback. Through these efforts, I successfully crafted over 50 engaging posts that found their way to Lovevery's social media landscape.

Sol Stories is uniquely designed to introduce young children to diverse stories.  Designed with a goal to empower and foster empathy for young children through the power of diverse storytelling.

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Venmo Redesign.png

Redesigning Venmo

During this 4 week project, I was tasked with redesigning an existing interactive system to address cognitive human factors issues through a series of weekly assignments. I conducted usability tests with realistic users in order to make design changes and create a refined prototype.

The Healing Collective Global

A community of Black & Indigenous healers, activists, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who believe in collective liberation. The organization centers and prioritizes the needs and the wisdom of Black & Indigenous voices. 


BridgePeople LLC

BridgePeople partners with socially-minded leaders and organizations committed and ready to eradicate all forms of injustice through cross-cultural relational competencies, human-centered culture transformation, and inclusive & embodied leadership development.  

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